Artificial Intelligence and Content Writing Future

Artificial Intelligence and Content Writing

Artificial Intelligence“Content is king” it is like old is gold, Content Writing is an essential part of digital marketing activities, no doubt there are several ways of delivering information in b2b or b2c market, but every source has its pros and cons.

Technology has changed rapidly in the last few years and still changing, it is an ongoing process.


A few years ago text was highly appreciated, but we can’t deny video and audio are grabbing the market share, these medium getting popularity due to their ease of access feature.

 Sometimes images explain better than text, sometimes video provide information faster than text,

and what about when a machine will be able to answer queries like a chatbot.

The field of digital marketing is growing along with the updating technology of sourcing information.



Artificial Intelligence.



Voice Search.

This question arises somewhere, how long will Content Writer survive?

Here we need to understand consumer behaviour.


that’s right people are getting used to of software-driven by artificial intelligence algorithms, and it’s not bad at all as its making life easy,

But somewhere down the line, we, being a social animal, 

require the human touch to fulfil our requirements, the analytical power of a human can not be replaced by an AI,

the texture of conversation could be changed but the presence of human intelligence is forever.


let’s see how-


Artificial Intelligence– AI can perform an analytical task, can send a push notification, do customer segmentation, and so on,but for all these, it require a predefined data set.

content writing for chatbot

Chabot- Are predesigned software used for customer service or information acquisition.

content writing replacement
Video– A good medium of
delivering information but it also has limits. video is also a part of visual content in today’s scenario.
Artificial intelligence

Voice Search- Most popular among the audience because of its convenience. But still, need improvement to perform accurately in many aspects.

As far as Content Writing future matters, Content Writing plays an important role in digital marketing strategy and will remain forever.

Yes changes happened and we have to adopt changes for a better tomorrow. Infact two Artificial Intelligence based services we are still using constantly for Content Writing are-

1 Plagiarism Checker.

2 Proofreading Tools like Grammarly.

In future Content Writing will be more precise, the value of content will increase compared to keywords and links, search engine algorithms will appreciate professionally managed relevant content in short form instead of lengthy paragraphs.

Skills required for Content Writing

Inspiration-: Self-motivation and gathering information about your topic will help you to give your best.

Target-: Audience identification is a critical part of content writing. 

Research and Development-: Updating your knowledge base keeps you ahead in the race.

Strategy-: Planning and preparing a road map.

Execution-: Require excellent handling skills to get more result of efforts. 

Result-: Analytical skills to cross-check and for future strategy plannings.

Conclusion-: Fresh, Authentic and Relevant Content is key to Success.

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