How to start Content Writing for changing trends 2020

How to start Content Writing

Before diving in the deep ocean of Content Writing

 you must gear up yourself with what is Content and importance of Content writing, “Content is king” in the digital age and you have to keep updated with it, when we think about how to start content writing most crucial topics to be considered are-

How to start Content Writing

#Trending Topic 

Searching trending topic for writing is an essential part of the whole process because it inspired by market demand. the trending topic is a good way of generating traffic to your blog, but it should be relevant to your stream, the relevancy of Content is most important to build a reputation among the audience.

  How to start Content Writing 

#Keyword Research

The primary practice of SEO content writing to achieve desired goals, keyword research is an ongoing process to keep you ahead in the race.

Content Writing Secrets

How to start Content Writing

#Keyword Analytics

Second practice right after keyword research, you may have 100 keywords but without relevancy and proper traffic detail they are nothing, being a beginner these 3 practices are should be habits of a content writer. Google keyword planner is the most reliable source for keyword research and analysis.

#Be Topic Friendly

Content should be more relevant as per demand, search engine algorithms are designed to provide relevant content, not just content in bulk, the user has no respect for lengthy text if it is not solving the query. In future short and relevant content will be appreciated by users and search engines, concentrate on the topic and produce meaningful and fresh content.

#Eye-Catching Headlines

Headlines work like a hook to retain your reader, try to describe what is about to come, be informative as much as possible.

#Be Familiar

Your reader should feel like it’s a conversation going on between you and him, let them ask a question, better and easy conservation built faith on you.

#Technical Aspects

Keep yourself updated with ongoing change in the industry to provide, and use the best method, to deliver information.

#Be Natural

Follow rules but write as you feel, your better outcome could be in your words, remember you are writing for your reader, so express in that way.

#Visualize Content

Sometimes image expresses better than text, add relevant images whenever required to deliver a message.

#Update Regularly

Updating your Content increase your chances to rank higher. Your audience also appreciates updated blogs, as it marks your presence in the industry. 


Proofreading is must, just before you go live, the first impression is the last, check grammar and spellings to make sure it suite your reader.


Call to action is the best way to keep in touch with your audience, by asking them to Sign up, Share, Register for Newsletter.


These basic tips will always work for, How to Start Content Writing and how to go to beyond limits.

Content Writing is a time-consuming process, Content Writing is a blend of emotion and technology. 

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