11 SEO Content Writing Tips-Which Does Matter to You

SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing refers to a practice where content is optimized considering different metrics according to search engine algorithms.

Before diving in the deep ocean of SEO Content Writing, You must gear up yourself with what is Content and importance of Content in Digital Marketing, β€œContent is king” in the digital age and you have to keep updated with it. Before start SEO Content Writing, consider topics listed below.

SEO Content Writing Secrets

trending topic

#Trending Topic‘s

Searching trending topic for writing is an essential part of the whole process because it inspired by market demand. Whether your blog is for Affiliate Marketing or for General Purpose, the trending topic is a good way of generating traffic to your blog, but it should be relevant to your stream, the relevancy of Content is most important to build a reputation among the audience.

keyword research

#Keyword Research & Analysis

The primary practice of SEO Content Writing to achieve the desired goal, keyword research is an ongoing process to keep you ahead in the race. Keyword Analysis is Second practice right after keyword research. You may have 100 keywords but, without proper traffic detail and search volume, they are nothing. Placement of relevant keyword in Title, Meta Tag and within Content makes it more powerful and compatible with search engines. Being a beginner, to write SEO friendly article, these practices should be habits of an SEO content writer. Google keyword planner is the most reliable source for keyword research and analysis.


#Be Topic Friendly

Content should be more relevant as per demand, search engine algorithms are designed to provide relevant content, not just content in bulk, the user has no respect for lengthy text if it is not solving the query. In future short and relevant content will be appreciated by users and search engines, concentrate on the topic and produce meaningful and fresh content.

#Eye-Catching Headings

Heading works like a hook to retain your reader, try to describe what is about to come, be informative as much as possible. As per the Seo Content Writing perspective, it’s a good habit to add your keywords in headings and subheadings.

List | How to | Why | What | are few formats of headings which attracts more attention.

#Become A Resource

Your reader should feel like it’s a conversation going on between you and him, let them ask a question and try to provide appropriate solution, Your goal is to resolve a problem your readers had. The better and easy conversation will build their faith on you.

#Technical Aspects

Keep yourself updated with ongoing change in the industry to provide, and use the best method, to deliver information. Try attending webinars and joining different platforms/forums to enhance your value.

#Creative Content Writing

A Seo Content Writer Follow rules, but you should write as you want, your better outcome is in your words, remember you are writing for your reader, so express in that way. Your reader is looking for a short and relevant answer for his query, and on the other hand, Google also appreciates Webmasters, who provide valuable content to visitors.

#Visualize Content

Image Seo plays a vital role in SEO Content Writing because Sometimes, image expresses better than text, Add relevant images with the keyword in the image title and alt text to make your piece complete fit according to search engines algorithms.

#Update Blog Regularly

Updating your Content increase your chances to rank higher. Your audience also appreciates updated blogs, as it marks your presence in the industry. see it as an example, Seo content writing directly depends on your keywords, and it’s not certain that you will be able to maintain position on a set of old keywords for a long time, so it is important to audit and update content with new keywords. For analysis and effective keyword research, I recommend SEMRush as a complete SEO tool.



#Plagiarism & Proofreading

The most important aspect and assurance from the publisher side to his Readers and Google that they provide only original Content. Seo Content Writer has to make sure that content is Completely Plagiarism free. Proofreading is should a habit and responsibility, before your piece go-live, check grammar and spellings to make sure it comfortable to your reader. I recommend Grammarly as a complete tool, to cross-check and rectify all SEO Content Writing mistakes automatically. It covers from proofreading to plagiarism checker. all at one place.

#Call To Action

Call to action is the best way to keep in touch with your audience, by asking them to Sign up to a newsletter, share or like your post on their social media channels or Register for an ebook subscription. An instant CTA increases your subscriber list for future communication and helps in email marketing as well.


These basic tips will always work, when you want to start SEO Content Writing and want to go to beyond limits. Content Writing is a time-consuming process and is a blend of Enthusiasm and Technology.

Happy Writing πŸ™‚

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