What Is Digital Marketing?

What’s Digital Marketing?

Marketing is always an essential part of the business to achieve goals like-:

Brand Awareness.

Lead Generation.



Changing scenario and technology has made it easy for businesses to identify their potential client and empowered them to increase their presence in the market.

Online Marketing has become more goal-oriented and focused with the help of digitized data.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term also known as online marketing, 

Covered different types of practices to achieve goals for an organization or an individual.

Complete strategic planning and analysis of the market is the backbone of a digital marketing campaign.


Here we discuss those practices which take place throughout the process of an online marketing assignment.


There are two ways to get traffic from internet marketing.

· Organic Traffic

· Paid Ads

Digital Marketing Managers do both practices simultaneously.


  1.   SEO.
  2.   SMO.
  3.   SEM.
  4.   SMM.
  5.   SBM.

 #1 SEO-SEO is the most important part of this process, understand it as an introducer for a client to a business.

Today whenever we need to know about anything we used to search it on internet for faster and accurate result, this is what SEO do.

Accurate and relevant supply of content is liability of SEO manager of an Organization.

SEO has a lot of dimensions and a very vast practice in itself.

A perfect search engine optimization practice helps a business to achieve their different goal organically.

#2 SMO– Social Media Optimization is a forever opportunity and essential practice of digital marketing.

According to a survey, mobile users are increasing rapidly and people are becoming an addict of social media.



Instagram has grown rapidly in a very short time; these places are goldmines for digital marketers to gain more attention and to increase brand awareness organically.

#3 SEM– Search Engine Marketing, is used for the paid campaigns from Google ads to rank a website as soon as possible, SEM is an expensive method compared to SEO.

#4 SMM- Social Media Marketing is paid campaigns at different social media platforms to gain attention and to introduce the product to a large audience base. Facebook ads, Instagram ads and ads on twitter are examples of these kinds of ads. 

#5 SBMSocial Book Marking, this practice falls under SMOSBM is an interesting and time-consuming practice with long term goal; it helps in generating traffic and then converting that traffic into a loyal audience. SBM is also important from link building point of view to get genuine external links. 

#6 Content Marketing– Content Marketing has a lot of dimensions, these days Content could be an image, video, PPT, infographics and so on. 

The main objective of Content Marketing is to increase brand awareness and gaining more conversion through different social media platforms.





We Chat.

Are just not for interacting with each other. 

Now user facebook account can be linked with whatsapp, and whatsapp has launched business account for better interaction between organization and consumer. 

Content marketing is getting personalise rapidly because user demands only short relevant answer of his query in his interest. 

#7 Affiliate Marketing-Is also a growing source of driving traffic through affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is a paid practice as per sale basis. Affiliates earn commission on every product sold through their website and social platform links. Amazon Affiliate is one of the best example of it.

#8 Influencer Marketing-These influencers are hired by an organization to market their product. Influencers are highly active personalities on social media platforms with a huge loyal audience base related to their niche.

#9 Video Marketing-Although video marketing is not new, it was limited to television with time limitation, but these days video marketing is already trending in industry and gaining a lot of attention. 

Reason is easy approach at different social platforms, along with that video on YouTube and tiktok are becoming good source for brand awareness to increase sales.

#10 E-MAIL MARKETING-Is a very old trendy trick but one of them is still successful. 

Email marketing is good for client retention and resale purpose, to generate sales from old customers or visitors to your website it works well. 

For retargeting EDM Marketing is a cheap and easy method because you have your database of visitors who have subscribed your newsletter or made a purchase in past. Websites like mailchimp can help you out in managing a relevant EDM Strategy.

#11 VIRAL MARKETING-Viral Marketing is like word of mouth marketing, generating an interesting content by which you can bound people to spread it among groups willingly.

Important factor of viral marketing is a user’s emotion level for a particular category which enables them to take immediate action.

Viral marketing goal maybe not related to product directly, but it could be related to enhance the brand image.

#12 PODCAST MARKETING-Next level of radio marketing. Podcast are available 24X7. 

A user can find all topics related to his interest and can listen to them regularly. The beauty of podcast marketing is it like one to one session.

A lot of people love to hear instead of reading lengthy articles. 

As like video marketing podcast marketing is also a new opportunity to engage more users from different dimensions.

Digital marketing is a very dynamic field and has a lot of scope at a different level as per individual expertise. One could be a 

Content Writer.

SEO Expert.

SMM Specialist.



You Tuber.

Digital Marketing Manager.


According to skills and interest there are a lot of opportunity in digital Marketing for carrier point of view and it will develop with time.

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